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The Client

Kompare is an insurance comparison platform offering quotes for various insurance types, including Motor Trade, Taxi, Home, and more. They work with top UK insurers, providing quick and free quotes through a simple online form. Users can save quotes and access assistance via live chat or a helpline.

Product Niche

Motor Trade, Motor Home, Van, Courier

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Andy, Paul, and the rest of the Kompare team have been immersed in the lead generation realm for quite some time. Over the years, they’ve found themselves contending against firms seemingly backed by endless resources.

Before teaming up with GrowmyInsurance, the Kompare team actively pursued innovative strategies to amplify website traffic and bolster lead submissions for their comparison brand. In a fiercely competitive industry, their goal was to unearth a cost-effective method to generate fresh leads for Motor Trade insurance and a diverse array of other vehicle types such as vans, motorhomes, and more.

As competition grew fiercer and larger companies put greater pressure in the advertising sphere, Kompare realised the necessity to optimise their marketing efforts.

Amidst this competitive landscape, the team ventured into unconventional avenues within the insurance sector, aiming to find solutions capable of delivering scalable call center volumes cost-effective to scale.

Client Testimonial

Andy Dean
Rainbow Insurance
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Brandon has always been clear and honest in his work, telling us will and what won’t work and an overall pleasure to work with. The markets we operate in are saturated so we had been looking for a new avenue, Brandon supplies that avenue. We’re able to see new leads from different sources, quality MI and speed to action in new areas. Initially, having worked with insurance marketers for over 20 years we know how many useless marketers are out there. Promising the world and delivering nothing then blaming us. Brandon IS NOT one of those! For anyone on the fence give Brandon a chance as he will put his money where his mouth is. We will be using him for a long time to come!

Key Challenges

Volume & Cost

The team at Kompare use to use alternative platforms to advertise back in the day and saw early success. 

Unfortunately, in the advertising realm, some competitors and direct insurers were willing to pay premium prices to acquire leads. Certain keywords on platforms like Google could cost upwards of £20 per click averaging nearly £60-100 per lead. Which slowly made this an unsuitable solution to continue with for their business model. 

In order for this solution to be viable, the company needed to scale up and invest both time and money. They were looking for an option that could deliver high volume at a low cost.

The Strategy

Landing pages

Landing pages are pivotal in determining the success of any advertising campaign, as they have a profound influence on customers’ decision-making processes.

The team was able to transform our basic mock-up designs into effective landing pages based on our recommendations and suggestions. These landing pages served as a platform to convert clicks and views into online submissions.

When crafting these pages, we prioritised:

  • Relevant images to ensure customers feel they are in the right place.
  • A clear value proposition to drive higher engagement.
  • A prominent call-to-action and clear next steps.
  • Removal of distracting navigation elements.

Creative design

One key rationale behind utilising Facebook Ads for this client was the opportunity to target less saturated platforms that many other firms overlooked.

An essential component of any successful Facebook ad campaign is the creative design. In designing ads for clients, our focus was on making them prominent and easily comprehensible, allowing the client’s desires and needs to take centre stage.

We incorporated stock images, bold headlines, and concise feature points to effectively capture the attention of the client’s target audience.

The Results

With multiple products in operation, generating over 4,000 fresh inbound leads, we conducted numerous optimisations, introduced new creative assets, and performed split tests between landing pages and text variations.

As a result, we observed average lead costs across a range of products of less than £16.50, allowing for real-time resale for the business and fine-tuning over time. 

Over 4,294 New Online Lead Submissions On Facebook Ads

  • 6 figures+ new income for the business in lead resales. 
  • Over 4,200 new leads. 
  • Under £15.00 Motortrade leads
  • Under £5.50 van leads
  • Under £11.50 courier leads 
  • Under £16.20 motorhome leads
  • High converting landing pages

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