500+ Commercial Fleet Insurance Leads Using Google Ads & Facebook Ads


Total attributed new inbound leads & calls 

£ 15

Cost per lead for lead submissions & calls 


Direct telephone calls made direct to the business

The Client

JB Brokers Ltd, an insurance brokerage offering various types of commercial insurance. They emphasise customer care and service, highlighting the expertise of the owners, Matt and Mark, who have over 45 years of combined experience in the insurance industry.

Product Niche

Fleet Insurance

Services Provided


The team at JB Brokers, prior to working with GrowMyinsurance, had been excelling in serving new clients. The core of their business revolves around providing one-on-one assistance and personalised care to each new customer. Primarily, for sales, the business focuses on buying leads or relying on referrals. As a result of this service, they felt the need to promote this offering more effectively and adopt a more customer-centric approach to lead generation.

One issue they had been facing with buying leads from third parties was combating the ever-increasing competition from other providers and effectively positioning themselves to showcase their outstanding service to prospects.

Client Testimonial

Mark Brown
Jb Brokers
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After several attempts at paid adverts in the past, the difference with Grow My Insurance is the experience Brandon has throughout the insurance industry, this almost guarantees results which he has more than produced. We aimed to elevate JB brand visibility and generate more insurance leads, and through productive meetings, we successfully identified key products and target areas, achieving both aims. The adverts created by Grow My Insurance were exactly what we needed. The weekly update gave us an insight on the progress and the increase in volume was clear to see week by week. If you are looking to increase your insurance leads, then look no further than Grow My Insurance. They understand exactly what you are looking for and cut out any middlemen/lead generators.

Key Challenges

Cutting Through The Noise

In the past, JB Brokers had attempted several times to utilize paid traffic to generate new leads and customers. One issue they faced was the challenge of effectively conveying their product offering amidst the abundance of other firms promoting in the same space. This often resulted in sparse volumes of leads and high costs per lead.

The Strategy

Ad Creation

When working on B2B-style lead generation, it’s crucial to understand what motivates the prospect and buyer. To achieve this, we must grasp the ideal risk profiles the client aims to address. After several calls with the client, we drafted ads tailored towards both large and mini fleets, catering to teams of varying sizes and utilising large and small vans.

A key aspect of our success was leveraging the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the business and infusing a more human touch. Unlike many other adverts in the space that focus solely on high-volume lead generation, we aimed to create a more personalised approach while still clearly conveying the product’s benefits.

Tracking & Data

One crucial aspect of running any form of paid media traffic is understanding how the numbers align. This business already had a stream of inbound leads and direct searches.

To effectively track leads originating from Facebook and Google, we implemented small pieces of code into their website and utilised UTM parameters in the page URLs. This allowed us to accurately allocate tags in email submissions, clearly labeling leads from either platform.

Additionally, we provided weekly reports detailing the exact costs, lead volumes, and call history for the preceding week. Furthermore, we delivered comprehensive monthly reports outlining our account changes and cost breakdowns in depth.

The Results

Online Sales

After several small optimisations and speaking with the client to get a feel for the early lead quality we we’re able to create a good number of small amendments and changes to 

Small & Large fleet leads o Google for £16.93

Fleet leads on Facebook Ads for £21.73

  • 387 new leads from Google Ads
  • 119 new leads from Facebook Ads
  • Over 8k in adspend 
  • Direct customers calling the business and filling out online quote forms

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