£82,000 Total Attributed Online Sales Using Facebook Ads

500 +

Online lead submissions

£ 15

Average lead cost

£ 50000

Total attributed online sales 

The Client

i4me is a Norwich-based insurance broker specialising in residential property insurance since 2016. We offer coverage for holiday homes, main residences, landlord properties, and more. With diverse coverage for various property types, we provide competitive policies from a panel of insurers.

Product Niche

Holiday home & holiday let's

Services Provided


i4me is a well-established and highly respected firm in the residential property insurance space. The team, prior to engaging with Grow My Insurance, had been investing significant resources in various advertising services and had developed proven systems and processes that were yielding satisfactory results.

Over time, Matthew, the owner, has continuously sought out alternative methods and additional platforms to enhance their existing efforts. Despite leveraging Google extensively, he found it challenging to achieve all his desired outcomes. Matthew struggled with creating sufficient brand awareness and maintaining ongoing engagement with his ideal customers beyond the initial website visit generated through Google ads.

Before partnering with Grow My Insurance, Matthew had experimented with several other agencies to address these challenges but found them unable to meet his expectations in terms of cost per lead and lead quality, making it difficult to justify further investment.

Client Testimonial

Matthew Durrant
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My experience with Grow My Insurance has been very positive. Compared to other insurance growth services I've tried, Grow My Insurance stands out for its tailored approach to our specific sectors and really getting an understanding of what we do. Other agencies had tried to assist us with Facebook advertising and their approach had not worked. Grow My Insurance provided me with targeted marketing strategies that significantly reduced my CPL. To anyone sitting on the fence, I'd say that Grow My Insurance offers a unique blend of personalised service and effective, data-driven solutions. Their approach has made a tangible difference in my business growth

Key Challenges

Cost Per Lead

In the past, Matthew and the team had tried using Facebook Ads to supplement their already large spending across Google Ads. After bringing on a number of other agencies to try to win this business, he found it hard to achieve a suitable and respectable Cost Per Lead.

The Cost per Lead is very important to Matthew, as the margins are not massive on Property insurance. For this to be a long-term investment, it needs to make sense financially for him.

The aim was to keep the quality high and the cost per lead below £35. By doing this, he was able to invest larger sums of money and grow a new channel to bring in business. 

Creative Design

One of the issues in the past was not having the right creative elements and visual designs to truly understand what made people engage, but also what made people want to get a quote using i4me.

In the past, the team had tried more ‘brand awareness’ campaigns and text-heavy images that didn’t resonate with the customers or the wants and needs of the niche itself.

The Strategy

Ad Structure & Campaigns

A very important part of running profitable Facebook Ads is understanding how to correctly structure winning ads and the processes to optimise them as traffic and data come through.

Our mission was simple: to find new audiences and drive conversions through prospecting campaigns that allowed the firm to discover new business from people who had never heard of the firm before, and also to re-engage with existing potential customers through remarketing. This traffic allowed us to educate and build trust with people who already have heard of i4me from existing platforms.

This means we needed to build top, middle and bottom of funnel campaigns.

By doing this we could:

  • Improve conversion rates all around 
  • Improve contact rates
  • Drive new customers

Creative design

Getting creative with design is key for Facebook ads and social media marketing. While art can be subjective, it’s still super important.

Our main goal was to grab people’s attention by giving them exactly what they’re looking for. We wanted them to feel like they’d found the perfect match for their needs.

Before we made any pictures, we really got to know our clients and what they’re all about. We found out that a lot of them use sites like Airbnb, Booking.com, and Vrbo for their holiday let’s. So, we made visuals that spoke to that, making people feel right at home with i4me. 

We highlighted key features that we’re relevant to the customer overall and used words and images that they are familiar with. 

The Results

Online Leads & Sales

The firm runs a mix of online purchases and offline call center operations. As a result, we’ve delivered over 1,300 new direct leads (these are people providing details and submitting online price quotes) at an average cost of £23.88.

Our efforts have led to an extra £82k in online purchase revenue from all campaigns, including both prospecting and remarketing, along with all additional call center traffic and purchases, totaling over £100k+ in year one premiums.

Over 82k in attruited total online sales, without any offline call centre sales.

  • Over 1,300 new leads
  • £82,000 in new premium
  • 2.49x ROAS online only sales
  • Increase in call centre sales
  • Increase in Google Ads conversation rates

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