£116,000 In New Policy Sales Running With A ROAS Of 8.20x


Total attributed new purchases

£ 15

Cost per new policy purchase

£ 50000

Total attributed online sales 

The Client

Direct Gap is the UK's leading gap insurance provider, offering tailored policies to cover the financial shortfall between standard motor insurance settlements and the original value of vehicles. With quick claims settlement and flexible policies, Direct Gap provides peace of mind for drivers nationwide.

Product Niche

GAP Insurance

Services Provided


When considering GAP Insurance solutions, DirectGap undoubtedly ranks among the top choices. Before partnering with Grow My Insurance, DirectGap had a significant presence in acquiring new business, collaborating with partners across various aggregators and affiliates and investing substantially in marketing efforts, particularly in PPC advertising.

Seeking to expand their customer base and online sales, DirectGap explored alternative avenues, including Facebook ads. Despite previous attempts with different agencies and methods, they hadn’t achieved the desired success.

With over 30 million active social media users daily in the UK, DirectGap believed there must be a strategy that aligns with their business needs.

Client Testimonial

Matthew Eland
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Working with Brandon and the Grow My Insurance team has been a game-changer. Their communication is fantastic, setting clear expectations and providing regular updates. They helped us navigate social media advertising successfully, delivering consistent ROI while increasing ad spend. If you're on the fence, don't hesitate – we wish we had started sooner!

Key Challenges

Translating The Message

In the past, the team found it difficult to translate the message and reasons for wanting to buy GAP insurance. They felt that PPC was straightforward because you can bid for people looking directly for the product itself.

One of the challenges faced was attracting and educating the ideal customer at the right time while highlighting key selling points and features of the product. 

One thing they wanted to avoid was adverts looking to ‘insurance’ like while still communicating features and benefits.

The Strategy

Ad Structure & Remarketing

One very important part of a successful campaign is understanding the current systems and platforms already in motion. Knowing that the firm was already receiving large numbers of website traffic from other sources meant that we could leverage large remarketing audience pools. This allowed us to consistently target and engage with existing website viewers who may have already received a quote or price but had not made any purchases. By doing so, we were able to show engaging content to further build trust and maintain a consistent presence targeting our potential customers for an extended period after their initial visit.

Additionally, we allocated a large percentage of our budget towards acquiring new attention and customers. By understanding what the average person would be doing prior to seeking GAP insurance, we were able to craft several smart and clever audience segments. These included individuals looking for new cars, car financing, loans, or websites for buying and selling motor vehicles.

This strategic approach allowed us to target our customers at just the right time when they were most likely to be seeking GAP insurance.

Creative design

Creative design played a crucial role in leveraging our success on this platform. The design elements were not just about how artistic they appeared, but more importantly, how relevant they were to the customers at that specific moment.

One aspect we aimed to highlight was the exhilarating ‘new car’ feeling and the new UK registration formats that new cars would receive.

In addition, DirectGap’s policies are packed with significant benefits and features that not all MotorGap products offer. We aimed to quickly and easily translate selling points versus competitors to showcase these advantages to potential customers.

The Results

Online Sales

By implementing a number of strategies as listed above, we have effectively been able to drive and convert a larger number of new customers. Leveraging existing efforts, we can re-engage with existing website viewers, thereby turning them into policy sales, consequently increasing conversion rates across the board.

Furthermore, we have successfully attracted new customers into the sales funnel. As a result, we’ve achieved over £116,000 in new policy sales from total online efforts, spending only £14k.

This allows us to operate at a Return On Ad Spend of 8.20x.

Over 116k in attruited total online sales.

  • Over 500 new policy sales
  • £116k in new premium
  • 8.20x ROAS online only sales
  • Increase in Google Ads conversation rates
  • £26 cost per policy sales

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