Reduced Cost Per Lead By £19.32 For Specialist Home Insurance

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The Client

The Home Insurer is a UK-based, award-winning insurance broker specialising in property and land liability insurance. They offer a range of insurance products, including coverage for buildings, contents, flood, landlords, blocks of flats, unoccupied properties, and renovations.

Product Niche

Thatched, Unoccupied, Flood, Land, Renovation

Services Provided


Before partnering with Grow My Insurance, Jason and the team were struggling to find a suitable, reliable partner who could fulfill their promises.

Having worked with multiple different agencies, feeling like many clients on a list, he lacked the personal touch and expertise in the insurance space and the attention to detail he needed in such a competitive space.

Before partnering, Jason was consistently making large investments into paid traffic but noticed conversion rates dropping over time and lead costs rising. He did not want to go down the conventional route of buying leads, so he looked for new solutions.

Prior to working with Grow My Insurance Jason found his Cost Per Lead rising and the volume of conversion getting less and less by the week.

Client Testimonial

Jason McClean
The Home Insurer
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Working with Grow My Insurance has been refreshing. Compared to other similar services, Initially sceptical they have exceeded my expectations and Brandon shows an aptitude beyond his years. Since partnering with Grow My Insurance, the results across Google & Bing have improved against historic positions. The reporting and tracking bring better control and visibility which is worth every penny. The three major benefits I've experienced are precise lead tracking, improved cost control, and the personal attention and expertise of Brandon, whose willingness to answer in-depth questions with high level of understanding makes for a reliable partner. If you're hesitant about working with them, let me assure you: Grow My Insurance is the real deal. You won't find the same level of dedication and effectiveness elsewhere

Key Challenges

Cost Per Lead

Jason and the team had been grappling with the challenge of escalating costs from Google Ads for some time. Given that this channel constituted Jason’s primary source of new inquiries for the business, the figures needed to align with his objectives.

The objective was clear: to nurture and expand the insurance business with meticulously vetted, dependable direct leads that not only yield profit but also justify scaling up operations.

The current setup and account was not able to achieve these desired outcome so change needed to happen fast.

Existing Efforts

The Home Insurer stands as a distinguished home insurance broker with a solid reputation. Jason and his team have leaned on paid media and Google Ads for a considerable time to sustain their business, rendering it unfeasible to abruptly cease ongoing efforts in favor of adopting an entirely new system and process.

Jason sought a solution that would gracefully transition from the current methods to the new ones, ensuring a seamless integration while gradually phasing out the old practices.

Landing Pages

The effectiveness of a Google Ads campaign hinges on the landing page it directs traffic to. Prior to launching any Google Ads campaigns, we conducted a comprehensive audit of The Home Insurer’s website to assess whether it contained the information to effectively convert paid traffic into new quotes.

Although the website and dedicated pages were cover with valuable information and details regarding the firm’s achievements and its achievements, they lacked crucial elements necessary for a highly converting landing page. The current pages failed to incorporate:

  • A clear call to action
  • Detailed steps outlining the process going forward
  • A concise and compelling value proposition
  • Testimonials and reviews

The Strategy

Landing pages

Landing pages play a crucial role in the success of Google Ads and PPC campaigns, as they significantly impact conversion rates!

Our objective was to create a well-defined page incorporating key features, benefits, and clear calls to action. Additionally, we aimed to provide potential customers with multiple avenues to contact our business.

We decided to utilise both call buttons and quote buttons. The quote call to action directs users to a customized quote page where we gather pertinent information about the individual and the details required for an accurate quote.

This approach not only enables our staff to identify high-quality leads efficiently but also enhances the overall quality of leads generated.

By implementing new custom-branded high-converting pages, we were able to boost traffic for quote lead submissions from 16.01% to 40.69% within a matter of weeks.

Lead Tracking

By adding lead tracking codes using Google Tag Manager as the connection hub, we were able to track all lead submissions and calls made from the website. We then summarised this information in submission storage locations via the website hosting site, using easy-to-use tags.

The client is then able to see exactly how much was spent, the number of leads generated, and the calls that came from their investment.

All this data was easy to see at glance when the client needed.

Restructuring Campaigns & Ad Groups

We restructured all the campaigns with up-to-date, high-performing headlines and organised our ad groups to enhance our probability of being at the top of the page.

We did this by breaking down the product into product themes, we then designed specific ads around common search trends and audience types inside this product niche.

The Results

Working with the team for over 2 years, we’ve been able to deliver a significant increase in new business, brand awareness, and direct traffic, completely transforming the business.

During this time, we’ve generated over 2,500 inbound B2B leads and received numerous direct telephone calls to the business.

Average Of £13.86 Cost Per Lead From 3.8k Leads

How Our Data Compared To 12 Month Prior, 2.7k More Leads

  • 6 figures new income for the business in sales. 
  • Over 3,800 new leads and calls 
  • Reduced CPL by £19.32
  • High-converting landing pages at +35%
  • 2x volume with the same spend

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