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Some Recent Partners

"Our experience so far has been excellent, Brandon from Grow My Insurance has kept myself and the sales manager informed of our progress throughout the campaign which really helps when your spending money within this arena.  Brandon has been quick to learn parts of the business in respect to our marketing needs and products which also means communication is quick and easy between us. For anyone sitting on the fence my advice would be to have a discussion with Grow My Insurance as I am sure you will quickly see the same attributes as I have."

“ Brandon has always been clear and honest in his work, telling us what and what won’t work and an overall pleasure to work with. The markets we operate in are saturated so we we’re looking for a new avenue, Brandon supplies that avenue. We’re able to see new leads from different sources, quality MI and speed to action in new areas. Initially, having worked in insurance marketing for 20 years we know how many useless marketers are out there. Promising the world and delivering nothing then blaming us. Brandon IS NOT one of those! For anyone on the fence give Brandon a chance as he will put his money where his mouth is. We will be using him for a long time to come!”

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