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The Client

Broadsure Direct is an independent commercial insurance intermediary based in Kent, operating nationally for over two decades. They offer a range of insurance products, including Fleet, Goods in Transit, Taxi, Motor Trade, Commercial Property, Landlord Cover, and Commercial Liability Insurance.

Product Niche

Commercial fleet & HGV insurance

Services Provided


Before deciding to partner with Grow My Insurance, Martyn’s client found themselves caught up in a predicament heavily reliant on third-party lead providers. They were constantly engaged in fierce competition, striving for attention amidst numerous competitors. Waiting on referrals and engaging in bidding wars for every potential lead added to their challenges.

Despite the meticulous effort put into relaunching their website with a sleek redesign, Martyn’s team faced difficulties carving out a distinct identity in an oversaturated market. Despite their best efforts, they remained just another face in the crowd, lost amidst the multitude of insurance offerings.

Recognising the necessity for a transformative strategy, Martyn sought to break free from the constraints of dependency on external lead sources. Their overarching objective was crystal clear: to establish a robust channel that would not only attract but also retain highly qualified customers directly to Martyn. This would ensure a consistent and reliable stream of inbound sales, supporting their dedicated staff effectively.

Client Testimonial

Martyn Brook
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Our experience so far has been excellent, Brandon from Grow My Insurance has kept myself and the sales manager informed of our progress throughout the campaign which really helps when your spending money within this arena. Brandon has been quick to learn parts of the business in respect to our marketing needs and products which also means communication is quick and easy between us. For anyone sitting on the fence my advice would be to have a discussion with Grow My Insurance as I am sure you will quickly see the same attributes as I have.

Key Challenges

Challenge 1: Web pages

Martyn and the Broadsure team recently revamped their website, aiming to convert traffic into policy sales seamlessly—turning eyeballs into cash, as I like to put it.

Only because he had a new website doesn’t mean the pages are fit exactly for the purpose.  Despite the sleek design and clear information on the new pages, a few small tweaks are necessary to optimise them for prompting visitor action.

Challenge 2: Third party lead providers

Like many in the industry, it appears that purchasing leads from third-party providers has become the new norm. These leads promise instant access to hot keys and web transfers from major lead generators, making it seem like an effortless victory.

However, Martyn and the team began to question if there was a different approach worth exploring. They grew tired of constantly competing for every lead, engaging in price wars with prospects, and conversing with potential buyers who had no familiarity with their brand.

The team recognised the necessity to seek out alternative solutions.

Challenge 3: Lead quality

Quality leads were paramount for the team. With their business model, the focus lies more on quality rather than quantity.

Dealing with policies in the commercial insurance sector can be intricate and time-consuming. The team aimed to shift towards handling higher premium business while ensuring they still had enough standard risk policies to keep their staff and teams occupied. Finding the right balance was crucial.

The Solution

Landing pages

Since we opted not to use the original landing page to attract customers, we decided to make some minor edits to enhance our conversion rates.

We appreciated the simplicity and clean design but believed that incorporating some small optimidations would contribute to our success.

We implemented the following changes:

  1. Introduced a clear, relevant hero image.
  2. Removed navigation to maintain focus on essential elements.
  3. Incorporated stronger call-to-action prompts for lead submissions.
  4. Added relevant and attention-grabbing bullet points and features.

By adding in these clean designs we are able to achieve a conversion rate of +25% (the average for this niche is close to 13%). This allowed us to focus on generating more leads and test new campaigns to find the perfect blend.

Understanding what people want

After conducting thorough customer research, we discovered a handful of common trends and key features that people were searching for online. These included “add driver” style business policies and commercial insurance under the business name instead of personal insurance.

This insight enabled us to create tailored adverts that directly addressed these needs, resulting in increased click-through rates, segmentation, and engagement with the business. 

This also allowed us to target areas and audiences that the mass market firms we’re not getting hold of.

High converting content

Taking into account these common trends and customer preferences, we focused on crafting visually compelling content for various platforms such as Facebook and social media ads. This strategy enabled us to target and engage potential customers across the internet, immersing them fully in our offerings.

Images & Visuals Our Team Created

Through a clever approach, we managed to consolidate multiple comments and social endorsements into a single advert, establishing rock-solid trust with every viewer.

This initiative led to thousands of comments and likes from individuals requesting quotes directly within the ad itself, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategy.

A Clients Ad With Over 617 Likes & 1,100 Comments

The Results

Working with the team for over 2 years, we’ve been able to deliver a significant increase in new business, brand awareness, and direct traffic, completely transforming the business.

During this time, we’ve generated over 2,500 inbound B2B leads and received numerous direct telephone calls to the business.

Google Ads Showing Over 1,080 leads and calls

Facebook Ads showing over 2500 leads @£17.97 CPL

  • Multiple 6-figures in premium generated 
  • Over 3000 inbound leads and calls
  • Massive engagements and social proof
  • Continued growth through all months and seasons 
  • £25 total cost per lead

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